October Edition

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🤔 What’s Inside?

🦄 Sound-byte from the CEO
A few words from our promising and inspiring leader.
🚀 Business Buzz
  • Launching Mainnet
  • Platform Updates
  • DefiLlama
😤 Our Biggest Wins
  • Series A Funding
  • TVL milestones
👏 Team
  • Employee Focus
  • Work Hard, Play Harder
🤝 Community Connect
  • Seasoned Trader Series
  • Trading Leaderboard
  • $SALT score
🛣️ Pipeline
  • Strategic Partnerships in the ZK Ecosystem
  • Incentivizing our users in the best possible way
  • Becoming the largest decentralized liquidity infrastructure
  • Launching the world’s first MPC:AA wallet
  • Brinerds NFT loading…

🦄 Sound-byte from the CEO

Hi Brinerds - Welcome to our latest communication channel!
In this newsletter, you’ll find updates on products and features, as well as our achievements in the industry. We will also use this space to showcase internal activities and our splendid team.
The reason for building Brine is rather simple - as a crypto trader myself, I have always had to diversify my assets constantly in multiple exchanges and venues to reduce asset loss risk due to troubled exchanges/parties. With Brine Fi, we make it easy for traders to reduce their counterparty risks and get the best price in the industry for their orders, while offering the simplest and most user-friendly experience possible.
Our next goal is to become a force to be reckoned with in the DeFi space, by increasing the trading volume tenfold and forming strategic alliances with key players in the industry.
Thank you for being part of our journey; we’re grateful for your trust and support and we would not be where we are today without you.
Stay tuned for good news!

🚀 Business Buzz

Brine saw exponential growth across the board in the last quarter; here are the highlights from the business front.
🚀 Mainnet Launch
Possibly the biggest goal to come to fruition for us was the launch of the BETA mainnet in April 2023. The team worked tirelessly to make this happen, and we celebrated with a grand giveaway. The platform saw exponential trading engagement after the mainnet launch.
😤 Making the best, better
In the months after the launch, the dev team made constant improvements and enhancements to the platform, including:

↔️ Adding new trading pairs

We expanded our wallet repertoire to include USDT/USDC, MATIC/USDC and ARB/USDC trading pairs, and more will follow soon.

💸 Launching fast withdrawals

We launched fast withdrawals so users don’t have to wait hours to receive assets anymore (this feature is currently enabled for USDC only).

🔻 Introducing industry lowest trading fee

To give our users the best experience possible, we have reduced our trading fee to the industry lowest rate of 0.02%.

⛓️ Going Multichain

Brine is now accessible on Polygon and Starknet, with more networks lined up in the next few weeks. Don’t forget that you can already access Brine through any network, thanks to Layerswap.
🫶 Adding fuel to Gen-Z adoption
We partnered with Solus Finance, a Shardeum-based futures trading platform focused on making trading fun for Gen-Z, which will open doors to a whole new generation of users.
👀 Onboarding 25+ trading firms
More than 25 institutions, including some of the largest exchanges in the world, now use Brine to trade their assets. You may suspect we used a cheat code, but they were in fact drawn in by our superior DEX-terity.
👏 Getting listed on DefiLlama
Brine was listed on DefiLlama in August, and quickly rose to the Top 5 by volume. This was a big leap because it increased visibility for the brand, and introduced us to new users.

😤 Our Biggest Wins

Our goals keep us motivated and we believe every step forward should be celebrated; here are a few milestones we have crossed this quarter.
🚀 Series A Funding
Recently, Brine raised $16.5M in a funding round led by Pantera Capital, with contributions from Elevation Capital, Starkware Ltd, Spartan Group, Goodwater Capital, Upsparks Ventures, Protofund Ventures and angel investors.
✊ Trading volume milestones
Within two weeks of the mainnet launch, the platform saw a whopping $50M in trading volume, which quickly became $600M in two months. And we continue to climb constantly (at the time of publishing, total trading volume is nearly a billion dollars).

👏 Team

👩‍💻 Employee Focus

Our team is our biggest asset; here is a corner dedicated to our hard working crew that enables Brine to be where it is today.


🌟 Christine - Senior Content Writer
🌟 Guru - Senior Product Engineer
🌟 Priyanshu - Senior Product Engineer
🌟 Swarag - Senior Product Engineer​

New Joinees

✨ Selvaraj - Lead Product Engineer
✨ Priyanka - Product Designer
✨ Aryan - Trader
✨ Ruchika - Senior Finance Manager
✨ Arush - Lead Product Engineer

🤾‍♀️ Work Hard, Play Harder

We believe that all work and no play could turn our employees into zombies. So, we ensure their wellbeing by organising regular activities and chilling sessions.

Team Outing

After working hard to launch Brine’s Mainnet, the team decided to unwind and celebrate at a suburban resort, and the evening witnessed great food, music and memories.

Friday Fun-Day

We try our best to end the work week on a sweet note with fun activities that exercise our minds and bodies. This helps the team to gel with each other and sometimes, we discover hidden talents in many employees.

🤝 Community Connect

Staying close to the heart of our community is a crucial element of our success, and we ensure that we’re on track by monitoring our socials, hosting AMA sessions and rewarding our followers.
📈 Seasoned Trader
We launched an AMA series hosted by our star trader, Aryan, which provides an insightful glimpse into the seemingly complex world of crypto trading. Using simple analogies and relatable examples, Aryan breaks down the basics of trading, with each episode delving deeper into the topic.
🚀 Tradernerds’ Sprint
Our very first trading sprint went live in August and we haven’t looked back since. Each sprint saw a new set of traders rise to the top of the leaderboard and win big.
🧂 $SALT score
$SALT score came out in September and we saw great engagement through the SALT drop which saw the top ten users win cool rewards including exclusive NFTs and rewards from a substantial prize pool. Simply put, it is Brine’s way of rewarding users, specifically those who are active on Brine and socials.

🛣️ Pipeline

What is in the cards for Brine?
🚀 Strategic Partnerships in the ZK Ecosystem
These partnerships will allow us to leverage the power of ZK, ultimately enhancing the capabilities and offerings of our platform. By aligning ourselves with key players in the ecosystem, we aim to accelerate innovation, improve user experiences, and unlock new opportunities for growth.
🎁 Incentivising our users in the best possible way
Our top priority is to enhance the trading volume of our DEX, which currently stands at a 7-day average Daily Trading Volume of $8-10M, by 10x. We plan to achieve this by strategically adding more institution partners, broadening the range of trading pairs available, and extending support for additional ecosystems. This concerted effort will enable us to attract a larger user base and solidify our position as the best on-chain order execution layer.
😤 Becoming the largest decentralised liquidity infrastructure
Brine already has some of the largest CEXs, hedge funds, HNWIs and high frequency trading firms using our platform to trade. We are confident that by converting the institutions in our existing waitlist, we will be able to become the largest and the first decentralised liquidity infrastructure in the world.
👛 Launching the world’s first MPC:AA wallet
We are thrilled to introduce SafeGate, an innovative wallet that sets new standards in security within the industry. By leveraging hierarchical threshold signatures and homomorphic encryption, SafeGate ensures unparalleled security while offering scalability. Our goal is to grant users access to 100+ blockchains on a single app, where they can confidently engage in DeFi activities without compromising on safety.
🎨 Brinerds NFT loading…
We’re stepping into the NFT market with our own collection: Brinerd NFTs are coming soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned for updates!
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