Deposit with Metamask

  1. Visit and click on ‘Deposit’ on the homepage or the ‘Wallets’ tab on the left side menu.

Note: If this is the first time you are depositing from your wallet or if you haven’t set up a custom spend limit in Metamask, Metamask will ask you to set it up then and there, doing so will let you continue with the process.

  1. Choose the currency you would like to deposit under ‘Asset’ and the amount you would like to deposit. Then click ‘Confirm’.

  1. Metamask will ask your permission to transfer the funds, click ‘Confirm’.

  1. Congratulations! Your deposit has been initiated. There might be a waiting period for the transaction to be completed, and you will be notified via the notification icon on the top right corner.

Note: To check on your deposit status, you can either click on 'Track Deposit' or go to the ‘History’ section from the left side menu and check under ‘Deposits’.

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