The withdrawal flow

Before withdrawal can occur, Starkware requires transferring the funds from your Brine User vault to another off-chain vault that is identified with the same user’s Ethereum address instead of their Stark key.

The add_transaction API with the TransferRequest transaction type registers the Ethereum address.

You can enable registration in your off-chain application’s logic in one of the following ways:

  • Your user enters a request to transfer the funds from the vault with their Stark key to a vault that they identify with their Ethereum address.

  • When your application prompts the user for the information required to send a WithdrawalRequest transaction to the Starkware gateway, it also prompts them to enter the parameters necessary to execute a TransferRequest transaction, and your application executes the transfer as a seamless step in the withdrawal process.

The basic withdrawal flow takes place as detailed here, as Brine transfers the funds to the user in a trust-less way.

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